Anti-Corrosion and Packaging Solutions from Metpro

Things at rest will rust.

Your products might lie at rest for years, in warehouses, in containers, in exhibition halls, on construction sites etc. But more frequently, the problems of corrosion arise when products are exposed to harsh transportation and varying climatic conditions – land, sea or air. Metpro’s Technical team has a wealth of experience in corrosion management and control. Accelerated corrosion testing is at your disposal. All you have to do is call Them!

COROTEX© Anti-Corrosion Paper – spread the vapor not the rust

MetPro's anti-corrosion paper is nitrite-free and tested by accredited laboratories. They are designed to address the many challenges encountered in the long term protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc, and they are available in a wide range of options. It is also possible to completely avoid the use of protective oils and liquids. Simply remove the paper and the previously protected part can be used immediately!

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MetPro for all your anti-corrosion and industrial packaging needs. MetPro’s products are high value-added (providing protection for weeks, months, and in many cases, years) and certified internationally to serve markets and applications that require a high product value to packaging cost ratio. They serve customers with global operations, so contact them today!


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