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WILDERNESS CONSTRUCTION - Roofing, siding, windows, and doors are your first line of defense in protecting your home from the elements. Their experts will do a detailed inspection to assess your needs and make recommendations.

CMR MECHANICAL - Provides expert service for your heating, cooling, refrigeration and water heater needs in Dexter, Michigan

Network Services Group - Computer network, web design, and web hosting services

IAIDO DOT COM - Information about iaido and all forms of Japanese swordsmanship

PORTFOLIO ANN ARBOR - Business, people, and places in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan

Shudokan Martial Arts Association - Non profit association for preservation and propagation of traditional Japanese martial arts

Japanese Martial Arts Center - The Rolls-Royce of Ann Arbor dojos, offering superlative instruction in jujutsu, judo, and iaido

Japanese Martial Arts Center Blog - Blog for advice on philosophy and training at JMAC.

Art of Japanese Swordsmanship - Informational site for students and fans of iaido

Budo Mind and Body - Books by Nicklaus Suino

Art of Judo-Informational site for students and fans of judo

Sennin Foundation - Center for Japanese Cultural Arts

NIHON JUJUTSU - The home page of Sato Shizuya’s classical Japanese Jujutsu system.

SEO Ann Arbor - Your local experts for Search Engine Optimization, internet marketing, and website marketing and design.